A quick and simple procedure

visa was denied, you can appeal on your own and at no cost to the French administration to get it. Our paid service facilitates this procedure and maximizes your chances of success.

You fill out our online questionnaire

This allows you to understand why the visa was refused you and how we can help you. This questionnaire is free of charge and obligation.

You check out

You pick the formula (standard or premium) and the online payment method that suits you (transfer, credit card, money order).

You send us your supporting documents

These documents allow us to formulate an appeal which fits your situation - a customized appeal maximizes your chances of success.

You send your appeal by mail

Once your appeal is finalized, we send it to you by email. You just have to print it and mail it to the administration concerned.

Multiply by 3 your chances of getting your visa!

Only 20% of the visa appeals has a positive outcome.
With a 10-year experience in visa appeals, our team has developed real expertise in this field. People who use GetmyVisatoFrance.com for their appeal procedure maximize their chances of success and receive their visa in 70% of cases!

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The GetmyVisa guides

Discover the thematic guides we've put together to help you understand the legal and administrative procedures.

The grounds for visa refusal

Why appeal? 

The appeal procedure

The appeal to the Appeals Board on Visa Refusals

The administrative appeal

The appeal to the Administrative Tribunal

Your visa has been denied?

Through our process, we help you determine why your visa was denied. This questionnaire is free of charge and obligation.

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