When and how to appeal to the Administrative Court Nantes?

Prepare an appeal

You have applied for a visa which you was denied by the Appeals Board? You can still appeal to the Administrative Court of Nantes, the only competent court in this area.

The goal is to bring an action for abuse of authority, so as to prove that your visa was unduly denied.

The appeal must be sent to the Administrative Court by registered mail with proof of receipt, with 4 copies of the appeal, within 2 months following the refusal by the Appeals Board.

The person making the appeal must have an address in France. Otherwise, the person may resort to a lawyer in France to represent him/her and use his address. The lawyer will be able to formalize the appeal online.

The procedure usually takes between 6 and 12 months. The appeal and supporting documents are indeed communicated to the Ministry which must respond in writing. Following discussions with the Ministry, a date for oral arguments is set to discuss the appeal in court. The final decision is generally made 2 to 4 weeks after the hearing.

The receipt of the appeal bears a personal username and password for the website www.sagace.fr which allow the person making the appeal to monitor the progress of the procedure.

It is common to go through a procedure to the Administrative Court to obtain a visa. Indeed, the Appeals Board is not required to review all appeal for visa refusals. As a result, about two thirds of the appeals to the Appeals Board are not treated within the 2-month period. Those unprocessed appeals are thus automatically rejected (implicit refusal).

As a result, it is often necessary to appeal to the Administrative Court of Nantes, which is required to give an explicit answer. Note that it is not possible to appeal directly to the Administrative Court of Nantes; it is imperative to first go through the Appeals Board.

Sometimes you have to be patient to get a visa. GetmyVisa customers should thus be prepared to have to go through the Appeals Board and then the Administrative Court. That is why we offer affordable packages anticipation of these hazards.

You want to make an appeal to get your visa?

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