Why make an appeal against a visa refusal?

Every year, about 10% of visa applications are denied by the French administration.

If you get an explicit refusal on one or more grounds, or an implicit refusal (no response in the 2 months following the request), it is possible to make an administrative appeal to the consulate or the French embassy that refused the visa, or anappeal letter to the Appeals Board..

Could appealing prevent me from getting a visa at a later stage?

Making an appeal will not jeopardize your future visa applications.

What makes a good appeal?

An appeal must respond comprehensively to the grounds for refusal by the consulate or embassy, ​​and be written in clear and concise terms; avoid repetition.

It must be argued in fact and in law, i.e. it must recall the applicable laws and show how they apply to the situation of the person making the appeal. It must above all be accompanied by relevant supporting documents, including the visa application file, the refusal decision and other necessary documents to challenge the refusal.

What are my chances of success?

Many of the appeals submitted to the consulate or Appeals Board are not successful because they do not meet the format, quality and attachments expected by the administration. The complexity of these procedures often explains the low success rate of appeals presented to the Appeals Board in particular, however GetMyVisa can help you through this.

Indeed, contrary to ready-made appeals models which you can find on the internet, appeals established by our services systematically include legal arguments validated by attorneys specialised in entry and residence law in France, and will perfectly fit your situation. In addition, we suggest the attachments that support your arguments.

Note that the Appeals Board only reviews about 1 in 3 appeals and a lack of response within 2 months is to be taken as a refusal. Our team has conducted over 200 appeals in 2016 and is successful in over 75% of cases, versus 20% for appeals in general. So you have 3 times more chances of success with our service.

Moreover, if you get your visa after an appeal to the Appeals Board or the Administrative Court,you can be compensated for the legal fees incurred in the appeal procedure.Indeed, the French government can be ordered to compensate you as a victim of an administrative error, if you have committed funds to make an appeal. So if you get your visa after an appeal through Get My Visa, you can be reimbursed by the French government for all or part of the amount paid to Get My Visa.

Do you want to get your visa through an appeal which suits your situation?

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