When and how to do an administrative appeal?

Prepare an administrtive appeal

You've applied for a visa for France and it has been denied?

The administrative appeal is advantageous when the visa refusal is clearly due to an administrative mistake. In this case, the administration which denied the visa may agree to reconsider its decision in a shorter period of time than a procedure to the Appeals Court

The administrative appeal is also suitable if you have forgotten to submit some supporting documents in your visa application. In this case, rather than reapply or appeal to the Appeals Board, it is sometimes better to try to get a favorable decision directly with the consulate or embassy.

Finally, in cases of extreme urgency, an administrative appeal may be faster than an emergency court procedure. Indeed, you could get a positive response to your appeal within days at the embassy or consulate, versus 15 days to 3 weeks in the case of an emergency court procedure.

If you are in one of these 3 situations, we advise you to make an administrative appeal with the consulate. This appeal must be made within 2 months:

  • from the notification of the negative decision, for an express refusal;
  • from the end of 2-month period without response, for an implicit refusal.
  • You want to make an administrative appeal to get your visa?

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