What to do if your visa for France was denied?

Your visa application for France or the Schengen area is rejected if:

  • You have received a negative response letter from the consular service. This is an express refusal;
  • You have not received a response within 60 days after your visa application was filed. This is an implicit refusal.
  • However, all is not lost! You have the option to appeal to convince the French administration to reconsider its decision.

    Understand the procedures in case of visa refusal

    When you apply for a visa at a consulate or embassy, ​​you receive a response within 2 months.

    In case of a negative response, you can choose to make an administrative appeal to the consulate or embassy which refused the visa. You will also get an answer within 2 months. If the appeal fails, you can then make a letter of appeal to the Appeals Board on Visa Refusals.. Note that it is possible to make a direct appeal to the Appeals Board, which is recommended if the initial visa application was complete.

    There are also a 2-month wait for a response from the Appeals Board. If that appeal fails as well, it is still possible to appeal to the Administrative Court, which will give a response within 6 to 12 months. If you do not get your visa at the end of this procedure, you will as a last option can enter the Administrative Court.

    Why was I denied my visa for France?

    A visa may be refused for different reasons such as an incomplete file. In the case of short term visa, you must have received a document with your passport on which one or more grounds are indicated. Find out the meaning of these reasons..

    What are the different solutions to get a visa after my visa refusal?

    In order to appeal, you have a period of 2 months:

  • from the notification of the negative decision, for an express refusal;
  • from the end of 2-month period without response, for an implicit refusal.
  • If the visa was denied because you forgot a supporting document in your application, or because there is little time left before the date of your stay in France, you can make an administrative appeal to the consulate.

    Otherwise, we recommend you do a letter of appeal to the Appeals Board. If you have not got your visa after an appeal to the Appeals Board, which unfortunately happens in a majority of cases (about 90%), you can then make an appeal to the Administrative Court..Appeals to this Court have 40% of positive outcomes, but it is necessary to first go through the Appeals Board.

    That is why we offer a package which directly includes an appeal to the Appeals Board and an appeal to the Administrative Court.

    You want to get your visa through an appeal which suits your situation?

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